WALCO®, expert in Industrial Laminators


Richard Marchant, WALCO CEO

Welcome to our WALCO® - powered by Novacel® - world!

Walco® is a global leader supplying a comprehensive range of cutting-edge industrial laminators for protecting all types of surface – designing and assembling machines in Western Europe the United States for over 60 years.
We in WALCO all share the same values:

  • Innovation     
  • Listening to & advising our customers to meet their protection challenges
  • Meeting our commitments (design to cost, on-time delivery)
  • Long-term support 

We are all extremely proud of our ability to assist your business by providing the safest, the most reliable and the most efficient game-changing solutions.

Thanks to our innovation efforts, we are genuine game-changers in surface protection: our VX2 and TX Precision are just two of our latest breakthroughs. Stay tuned as others will be following soon.

So, let’s start making sure your products are better protected!

-- Richard Marchant / CEO