WALCO®, expert in Industrial Laminators


WALCO® is well-established on the furniture market. WALCO® is fully aware of how important it is to protect this market’s sensitive substrates and keep them free of damage. Thanks to innovative cutting systems, WALCO® laminators can protect entire sheets of substrate in a single pass, with application to top, bottom or both faces.

Example of application:

WALCO® helps obtain a perfect final appearance on a range of substrates:

  • HPL: High Pressure Laminates;
  • PPSM boards;
  • MSC: Melamine Surfaced Chipboard;
  • Compact;
  • and more...

WALCO® laminators help the furniture industry protect their sensitive products at every stage of their production process:

  • Handling;
  • Cutting ;
  • Bending;
  • Postforming;
  • Fabrication;
  • Transportation;
  • Installation.

Customers pay great attention to the final appearance of products when they are buying for the home. WALCO® helps obtain a perfect final aspect for furniture. For example:

  • Tables;
  • Cabinet doors;
  • Closets;
  • Kitchen worktops;
  • Glass decoration.

Our laminators adapted to furniture:

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