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Smart Tech Protection

NOVACEL and WALCO introduce SMART TECH PROTECTION, the biggest breakthrough on the protection market! 

Since 2017, WALCO and NOVACEL have shared their knowledge and experiences about the surface protection. We also worked with our customers to understand how we can help them to be more efficient in their process. 

SMART TECH PROTECTION is a global solution between WALCO laminators and NOVACEL protective films. We have designed a perfect combination between our films and our laminators to smooth your process and to help you perform better in your production. 

Being Smart Together

To enhance quality

SMART TECH PROTECTION helps your operators to perfectly applied NOVACEL protective films on your sensitive surfaces. Your products get the ultimate protection that they deserve from your production lines to your customers. 

To decrease downtime

WALCO and NOVACEL have worked really hard to develop technical innovations on the laminators and on the protective films to boost the productivity during the protection process.

To reduce waste

While the productivity increases, the waste is decreasing thanks to our SMART TECH PROTECTION innovations. 

To reduce costs

Improving the productivity, reducing the waste and making sure that NOVACEL protective films are perfectly applied on your products lead to reduced costs, one of your key objectives.  

SMART TECH PROTECTION improves drastically the protection process to meet the highest quality standards. Innovative NOVACEL protective films and Industrial WALCO laminators offer the possibility to improve the global process. 

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AutoSwitch: Automatic replacement of protective film rolls on laminator

FilmLink: Database of reliable settings of the laminator associated to Novacel® protective films

OnBoard: Automatic reading of protective film rolls data

Versatile: Protective film versatile application possibilities