WALCO®, expert in Industrial Laminators

Our Know-how, your solution

Accumulating 60 years of shared experience, WALCO® has completed thousands of installations worldwide, constantly overcoming new challenges by solving the most complex problems while also ensuring operator safety. 

Adapting to the customer’s process

WALCO® constantly pursues innovative solutions, including manual and fully automated laminators offering options such as:

  • Integration into small spaces;
  • Integration into existing lines;
  • Servo-positioning to match substrate thickness;
  • Quick and easy film changeover;
  • Application to top, bottom or both faces.

Automatic Cutting

WALCO® laminators are equipped with a wide array of post-application cutting technologies. These solutions can be customized to suit your environment and needs:

  • Automatic cutting:
    • Negative cut;
    • cut to edge;
    • Positive cut.
  • An automatic cutting system on continuous-flow lines in order to reduce productivity downtime 
  • Possibility to apply several pieces of protective film to the same substrate 

WALCO® offers numerous options for its laminators in order to meet customer needs:

  • Automatic feed systems;
  • Conveyors;
  • Automatic stacking systems;
  • and many other options available on customer request.