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Get a VX2 and exceed your customer’s expectations

Get a VX2 and exceed your customer’s expectations

Discover WALCO® VX2, the first revolutionary vertical laminator designed specifically for the application of protective film on Insulated Glass Units (IGU) and flat glass!

Fully automated, the VX2 uses a patented WALCO® technology that allows the application of protective film on both sides of the glass in a single pass thanks to its automated adjustment system. Equipped with intelligent technology, it is automatically adjusted to the length and height of glasses up to 3,000 mm.

Simultaneous double-sided application reduces cycle time and protects the outside and inside of a window from the hazards of handling and transportation to the window manufacturer, and once installed on a construction site.

Equipped with automatic and adjustable cutting system configurable thanks to its digital display, the VX2 allows a free margin, enabling window manufacturers to easily install the profile without removing the film.

The machine has been tested with most commercially available protective films. We recommend Forglass 9561 film by NOVACEL® protective films for a perfect application.