WALCO®, expert in Industrial Laminators


WALCO Glue Coaters:

  1. Easily coat adhesive onto a vinyl or paper sheets,
  2. pre-dry the adhesive,
  3. then laminate it to panels of various substrates (including gypsum board, particle board, fiberboard and plywood).

Durable, rugged and reliable, WALCO machines meet a full range of industrial coating needs, including high-volume, direct and indirect, and more complex coating applications.

  • Apply precisely measured amounts of adhesive to any coating needed, including UV sensitive coatings.
  • Offer sheet or roll feeding options for both flexible and rigid materials.
  • Allow users to successfully apply various types of coatings to a wide variety of materials.

Professional quality gluers

WALCO's professional gluers are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are known worldwide for their accuracy and workmanship. With customers on 5 continents, in over 60 countries, our gluers are trusted by companies of all sizes.

These liquid coating machines (also called "roller coating machines") are specifically designed to directly apply virtually any liquid coating. Suitable substrates include:

  • wood,
  • glass,
  • acrylic,
  • plastic,
  • sheet metal,
  • fabrics,
  • fabrics, nonwovens and more.

WALCO's automated coating equipment is the result of decades of engineering of simple and reliable systems.

Automated roll coating applications can include the following actions:

  • Spreading of adhesive,
  • Clear topcoat,
  • Color coating,
  • Painting,
  • Oil coating,
  • Reverse coating,
  • and many others.

Precision settings allow for exact amount of coating fluid for a uniform finish, saving time and money.

More details about the precision of WALCO Gluers:
The roller opening is adjustable. The coating fluid is poured into the reservoir formed by the coating roller and the doctor roller. By moving the doctor roller away from the coating roller, the operator can adjust the thickness of the coating liquid.

Professional markets for our gluing machines

Professionals across a multitude of industries deserve to have a complete range of gluing devices, that being said all WALCO models have been crafted to meet the specific needs of each industry. Our glue spreaders are adapted to various markets such as:

  • construction;
  • furniture;
  • household appliances;
  • automotive;
  • aeronautics.

Integration of WALCO gluing machines into our customers' manufacturing processes

As a glue machine manufacturer, WALCO develops complete, fully automated production lines, allowing all coating and laminating machines to operate as a single unit
Designed according to individual requirements, WALCO's glue coaters are adapted to match the processes already in place in the company. Reach out to us about your project and we'll find the right solution to create your ideal production line.

Professional sustainability

Reliability and durability are the hallmarks of our machine systems, and we design our machines with longevity and economic efficiency in mind, allowing for years of hassle free profitability.
WALCO Innovation

  • Each glue coater model has a unique added value that makes it stand out from other machines on the market:
  • variable speed control;
  • automatic glue filling
  • automatic cleaning;
  • PLC automation;
  • digital display.

Ergonomically adapted

Each of our glue spreaders are expertly manufactured and designed to make everyone's job easier. Devices are ergonomically designed with useful functions. Buttons, joysticks and control panels are located in easy-to-reach places and at the ideal height for a typical operator.

A responsible industry

Concerned with the issue of sustainable development, WALCO makes it a point of honor to design machines that can be recycled and to offer spare parts whenever possible. Thus, in addition to the robustness of each model, conferring a consequent longevity, their destruction or their repairs do not impact the environment. Finally, we offer a reconditioning service to give a second life to our creations.

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