WALCO®, expert in Industrial Laminators

TX Precision

In line and off line automatic laminator for high precision film application.

Standard configuration 

  • Top side film application
  • High Precision cutting system

Main options

Complies with EU machinery directive 2006/42/EC

TX Precision

Added Value

  • Possibility to apply several pieces of protective film on a same substrate
  • Automatic film tension control (no film elongation)
  • Automatic length based on each piece
  • Servo-positioning according to the substrate thickness

Cutting System

  • WALCO® Patented Automatic cutting system
  • Negative cut such as free edge of protective film
  • Cut to edge
  • Positive cut


  • 1,400 mm (55’’)
  • 1,700 mm (67’’)
  • 2,000 mm (79‘’)
  • Other sizes avaible on customer request


  • 0.5 mm to 80 mm (0.02’’ to 3.15’’)
  • Other sizes avaible on customer request